Halloween | Pop Art Zombie


Hey guys! Welcome back! So I hope you enjoy my halloween video get ready with me. I really enjoyed doing this pop art zombie. There’s a few areas I’m not 100% happy with, but I think I’ve done alright for my first attempt using face paints! The base colour was quite streaky, and I couldn’t find a way around that, I tried layering, but that did not help! Any tips would be brilliant! I’m also disappointed with the teeth. But overall, I’m pretty pleased!


I used all Snazaroo face paints for this look. I bought two little sets, I think they were £9.99 each from Argos. They’re really good paints, they dry amazingly and do not budge. I did rub my face and had no transfer! Getting it off was so easy too! I just jumped into the shower and rubbed my face with water and the majority of it washed off just doing that! I did use a face wash to make sure my skin was clean, but it didn’t take any scrubbing etc to get it off! I’d just be careful if you’re going out and it’s raining!

Watch my video here! Be patient if you’re early, it’s coming!


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